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  friday , november 11, 2007
  Meet Today For Beach Cleanup, 10am-5pm at SportsBasement Presidio; Other Efforts
  Surfers Mobilize For Cleanup Isle of Muck Around Alcatraz Oil Spill Closeup
    o More SF Chronicle photos o More KRON video & helicopter coverage
  o   Oil globs reached Ocean Beach on Thursday, 11/8 afternoon.  Surfers had breathing issues. -- Su rfpulse.
  o   Cleanup this time has been slow In 1971, a 118,000-barrel spill spurred THOUSANDS to volunteer and rescue birds, which really helped.
Meet at Sports Basement Presidio at 10am- 5pm, Friday 11/9

Kiteboarders/surfers Byron Cleary and Kathleen Egan are spearheading a grassroots clean-up effort and working on getting the City's backing.  For now, meet up 10am-5pm today, Friday 11/9 -- at Sports Basement Presidio at 610 Mason Street, (415) 437-0100 by Crissy Field.   

The Department of the Environment for the City & County of San Francisco is delivering absorption cloths to this team.  We suggest wearing old clothes, old shoes and bringing dishwashing gloves.

Byron & Kathleen just came in from assessing Baker Beach (8:15am) and feel that even just a 100 folks will make a big difference at one beach. They will teach you basic cleanup & disposal, give you supplies and assign you to a beach.  They're also coordinating pick up of the waste.  After today, they will most likely be helping re-allocate volunteers to the various agencies involved. 

For more updates on this grassroots effort, to post your reports on safe surf areas, or notify that certain locations that need attention, visit Zuna Surf's Updates Board

  o Volunteer Or Make A Donation: o Zuna Surf's Updates Board
  o Report Oiled Wildlife:  |  call 1-877-823-692 o SF Surfrider Chapter
  o US CoastGuard San Francisco's Updates o Su rfpulse
  o Residents tracking spill movements:  Call private cleanup company O'Brien's Group of Southern California at (985) 781-0804. o Damaged Property Claims:
(888) 850-8486
  IMAGINE...Ruined boats. Contaminated oysters, fish & crab.  Possibly hundreds of dead birds and sea lions.  Tidal pools that might take 3-5 years to be restored.  Wrecked livelihoods....And, of course, no access to your favorite watersports playground for awhile, from Bolinas and Crissy Field to Ocean Beach and beyond.  Volunteer now and help minimize the damage.

Read below on how some local surfers and kiters have responded...I've reprinted an email from Sara Daack about how she and friends rallied on their own,  including donning headlamps to work at night.  Help out by just taking a hike this weekend around your breaks!

Note:   Please DO NOT to touch any injured wildlife but report any animal whereabouts instead to 1-877-823-692.


  Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2007 23:28:06 -0800
From: "Sara D" <__at>
Subject: Re: Action Plan: Take a hike

Most of you have heard about the oil spill in the Bay that is wreaking havoc on our local beaches and wildlife.  Tonight a small group of us deployed around the city and Marin in a search and recovery effort for birds or other wildlife in need of help.  

I am happy to report that 3 birds were found in Marin and taken to the Wildlife triage center set-up at Fort Mason.  Myself and two other people found 1 bird at Baker Beach and also took him to the triage center, where Vets from UC Davis will treat him over the next 48 hours.  We found the bird after spending nearly an hour walking up the beach sweeping up pebble and hockey puck-sized chunks of coagulated oil under the light of headlamps and bike lights.  We suddenly heard his desperate flapping in the surf as he was getting washed up by the waves, nearly immobile from the saturating oil.  His poor body felt hard and crusty from the oil and sand that caked him.  Luckily he was fairly docile for what was probably his first (and hopefully last)
ride in a car.  Pictures of our rescue are attached herein.

I can promise you the situation at our beaches is desperate.   Sadly, each group that deployed tonight came back and reported being the only people on the beach.  Our beaches need us NOW more than ever.  Luckily, it is very easy for all of us to make an impact.  Please make a point to commit a few hours to the beach and ocean you love and live for.


>>>  H
elp clean up the oil on the sand

It's really easy.
 I recommend wearing old clothes, old shoes and dish washing gloves.   You will get dirty.  Dawn or dish washing soap helps with your personal clean-up. The oil coagulates and is easy to 'sweep' off the sand.  Put it in a garbage bag.

Each wave that comes in litters more chunks of oil on the sand.  While it may feel defeating to clear an area only to see it dirtied by the next wave, we have to get all the oil off the beach.

Our crew will be back out there tomorrow and through the weekend.  Darin R. (a local Ocean Beach resident) also secured supplies donated by The Sports Basement for clean-up efforts (like headlamps and gloves for cleaning up at night).  If you'd like to join us let me know, or put your own crew together.  Please pass this along to any friends in the Bay Area.

See you at the beach!


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